Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Michelle Daniels Maddox Post: Allergies Are Under Control

A Michelle Daniels Maddox Post: 
Have any of you ever used a Vick's Nasal Inhaler?? Well, this is 10 times better and smells 1000 times better!!! Alot of y'all know I have allergies and I'm sensitive to alot of stuff! A tree cutting company cut down a pine tree on my route today and that's all I've been smelling (and sneezing) allllll day long!! Luckily I remembered my aromatherapy inhaler I got from Sweet Aromas 4 U!! It has relaxed my senses and I no longer smell the pine tree and I've stopped sneezing!!! Please check out the website, . She is having a half off sale all week!!

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