Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Assisting Cancer Patients With Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a excellent treatment to assist cancer patients with their therapy, since it can help the patient find the ability to relax. In addition, aromatherapy can rid him or herself of the stresses that comes with enduring the specific treatment. Sometime aromatherapy recipes can have a relaxing and calming effect, which will help the patient feel better in no time. Unfortunately, some treatment regimes can be hard on a patients stomach, so it is best to find out what scent the patient can tolerate.
Chemotherapy can be hard on a patients body so soothing scents can help the patient feel better, while helping to relieve stress and tension that they may be feeling. Some scents cannot be tolerated by the patient's system, so it is best to avoid those type of scents when looking for the right combination of scents that will help the patient. The last thing you want to do is, offer the patient a scent that may not agree with their system and treatment. Instead, you want to find the mixture of scents that will help the patient become relaxed and calm during his or her medical treatment.

Once the patient has decided to give aromatherapy a try, the patient or their family should look for a certified aromatherapist. One of the best forms of aromatherapy is called the inhalation method, which means a patient will put a jar of beads up to their nose and inhale the delightful scents. This method should be done while the patient is sitting down on a comfortable chair or couch, so the therapeutic scent can enter the nasal passages and move throughout the blood stream immediately.

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