Thursday, July 19, 2012

Celebrity Celebration At Sweet Aromas 4U

Our 2nd celebrity purchase at Sweet Aromas 4U! This is truly a blessing!!!! All praises to our Creator!! I was asked not to disclose their ID. Thanks to everyone who spreads the word about Sweet Aromas 4U! Okay the story goes a little something like this.

I contact this particular celeb via Facebook message, introducing myself I asked them to check out my website as well. . I never received a response from this mystery celebrity.

 They didn't even accept my friend request, but two weeks later a notification via Pay Pal shows up in my email . allowing me to know that the Celeb purchased our popular Popsicle ice cream bar candle tarts along with our electric candle tart warmer!

 This is so amazing! Thanks to all my friends who always encouraged me to never give up!
I'm telling you my dear friends to never give up, you never know who may just give you a try!

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