Thursday, April 19, 2012

Serena's Sweet Online Biz Cards - Sweet Aromas 4U

When I'm not making my candle and bath & body products at Sweet Aromas 4U, I'm sitting at my computer doing my second best thing I love, and that is using my artist gift to create online  business cards and banners for my fellow small business owners. Your online business cards can be easily uploaded as a image to your Facebook, Twitter and other online social networking accounts.

How It Works

  When your online business card has been designed, I will send it to your preferred email address an an attachment. You then save it to your file as a image. Now here is the fun part! Upload your online business card as an image to all your online social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google, Blogger etc

 Allow me to help make your online networking and marketing experience even sweeter, with my online business card service Serena's Sweet Online Business Cards.

 For just $2.50 you can have your very own online business card, just like my sample online business card seen above. You choose your own background color. Now how sweet is that?
Payments are accepted via Pay Pal at Sending you a Pay Pal invoice is also an option. I look forward to working with you. Serena, G

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