Thursday, January 26, 2012

Your Uneducated Stares Don't Faze Us!


      I feel you staring at me at the grocery store when my son starts grunting for a bag of cookies they conveniently have at the front of the store.
      I quickly grab a bag in a panic hoping, not to have a scene before we begin shopping.
      I accidentally open the bag of cookies and try to hand it over to my son, only to have it slapped out of my hand and onto the floor spilling all over the place.

      I feel you judging me while I am the one telling my son I am sorry for not letting him open the bag of cookies as he is flopping to the floor in complete frustration because he does not have the words to tell me that he wanted to open the bag of cookies and he does not have the ability to express his feelings in a way that you or I would.

      I see you whispering to the person your with, and I know exactly how that conversation is played out…I would never allow my child to act like that; I would spank his tail if he were mine; can you believe she is apologizing to him for acting out of control; if he acts like that at his age can you imagine how out of control he will be when he grows up etc.
      But, not only do I forgive you for your judgmental conclusion of us, I forgive all of the uneducated autism stares we get in the future too.

      I too was standing in your spot and had no clue. I cannot expect you to understand my son or me and the unique situation that we share with our family, so for that, I will forgive you. However public outings can be a stressful situation for my child, my family, and me and if you ever have the audacity to say these hurtful things to our face, I cannot promise you that you will not be fully educated about Autism on that day!

        PS: I have made the autism awareness candle, shown above in honor of my 5 yr old autistic son and to raise autism awareness for all families over the world. My son also loves cookies so I even decided to make aromatherapy cookie candle tarts at Sweet Aromas 4U. My son is one main reason I decided to take my aromatherapy career further.

      The relaxation, whipped body butter night cream I developed for him at 
      Sweet Aromas 4U has been a huge blessing in our life. Now he sleeps all through the night, and can now utter the words of "God is blessing me". All praises and thanks be to The Creator!

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