Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Those Oils Won't Make You Feel The Same!

 Aromatherapy With Your Aromatherapist Serena, G
Products that include synthetic ingredients are shyed away from, when dealing with holistic aromatherapy. It is important to note that perfume oils also known as fragrance oils (and usually listed as "fragrance" on an ingredient label) are not the same as essential oils. 

Fragrance oils and perfume oils contain synthetic properties, and do not provide the therapeutic benefits as essential oils. When desiring an aromatherapy product, make sure you avoid products that simply read fragrance, perfume etc on their labels. If you are not working with a aromatherapist, such as myself, make sure you ask the store clerk, does the aromatherapy product you are shopping for contain pure essential oil. You want your label  to read EO,  pure essential oils, etc. Don't except extracts or fakes!

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