Monday, February 18, 2013

Eyeshadow Is The Makeup Of Serena,G's Candles

I get inspired by so many things that surround me, when it comes to designs and colors for my candles.You may think candles and cosmetic makeup have nothing in common.

Nope your wrong, what about the many beautiful colors that come in eyeshadow palettes come in, well good pigmented eye shadow may I add :)

For example the hot fuchsia pinks, and the avatar blues, and not to mention the turquoise greens. Well I can go on and on about the eyeshadow colors that inspires me, when it comes to designing my candles.

Apparel colors also inspires me, when it come to candle designing and colors. It starts by me flipping through a  fashion magazine. I get wowed about the  sky blue skirt and moss green blouse the model is sporting. Now here I go, off to design a Sweet Aromas 4U candle with Sky Blue and moss green in mind.

If you like to think outside the box, and have a unique color suggestion for my next candle design just leave your comments below. You'll never know you may be the designer of my next candle at Sweet Aromas 4U

Serena, G
Owner/Candle Designer/Certified Aromatherapist
Sweet Aromas 4U

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