Thursday, October 11, 2012

We Will Never See This Date Again Sale!

I was just laying down in bed, and suddenly started to think about today's date, ten eleven twelve. I started to just post today's date as my Facebook status, until I  came up with something even worth more posting. A today's date sale on Sweet Aromas 4U candle and bath & body products. Here is what I posted on my Facebook fan page.

  Did you notice today's date? It's ten, eleven, twelve! 10/11/12 we took notice to this, and thought it was pretty cool. We decided to have a buy 1 get one half off today's date sale. Purchase any candle products and get a bath & body product half off. All major credit cards, check cards, debit cards, are accepted via Pay Pal. You don't have to have a Pay Pal account to shop with us. Stop on by, we sure you will find something you like.

Everyone one loves a sale right! Always remember it doesn't take a special occasion just to show someone you care. So why not purchase a gift for a loved one on the date we are never going to see again, 

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