Monday, September 12, 2011

Don't Burn Your House Down!

We offer our customers aromatherapy candles, at Sweet Aromas 4U that are enriched with therapeutic grade tea tree essential oil. Tee tree essential oil disinfects your home, and rid your home of unwanted and unneeded germs! Our handcrafted candles adds wellness,  and decor to your home and environment. Sweet Aromas 4U customers are insured safety and security while enjoying their favorite candles. Our candles are made with no wicks, and are flame less.
Sweet Aromas 4U candles such as our cupcake, vintage gown, popsicles etc, are melted inside, ceramic electric candle tart combo warmers. Just place your favorite Sweet Aromas 4U candles in one of our amazing warmers. Sweet Aromas 4U candle warmers, are designed to effectively melt Sweet Aromas 4U candles into an amazing wax pool, that throws the maximum amount of fragrance over the longest period of time. You can find our candles warmers on our website, under the candle warmer tab.

 We at Sweet Aromas 4U will like to wish you, a sweet aromatic day!

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