Friday, July 15, 2011

Your Scented Personal Cup Of Cake

Cupcakes has been enjoyed by many for years.
They are what I call " a personal cup of cake".
I decided to add cupcake candle tarts,
to the Sweet Aromas 4U product line.
You could almost taste these, but please DON'T!
They are 100% candle wax.
I don' t thing candle wax will tate to good.

You will enjoy hours and hours of, pure chocolate aroma
 and eye candy, with Sweet Aromas 4 U cupcake candles.
Rather you are looking for a special unique,
 gift to give to a loved one,
 or for you to enjoy for your aroma pleasures,
 our cupcake candle tarts will be a sweet choice!

Visit Sweet Aromas 4 U today,
 to get your very own cupcake candle tart!

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